Patisserie Valerie

The main reason for this post is to tell you that Patisserie Valerie do a very good cup of tea. The one in Cambridge does anyway. Since moving from the North, one of the few things I miss is the water. Yep, I miss a good brew. I hardly drink breakfast tea these days, it’s just not the same. Their tea isn’t up to scratch as when it’s made with good old Yorkshire Water but for some reason it’s a lot better than the tea I’ve drank anywhere else here. Enough about tea, they also do a good coffee and a wide range of delicious cakes. I also love that they open late (7pm), not enough places do that around here.



I’ll have to try┬áPatisserie Valerie in Norwich. I’ve had a few cupcakes from there but haven’t had the chance to sit in and see what the atmosphere is like.