Looking for comfortable shoes


I’ve spent quite a while on Spartoo shoes tonight. I seem to be having trouble deciding what to put on my feet in the morning and it’s starting to bug me. I was doing well at wearing heels during work but that seems to have stopped and as I walk to wok every day I tend to pick up my pumps first. I have way too many shoes and yet I don’t have anything that looks smart and is suitable to walk to work in. Do any of you have recommendations?

I’ve been wearing my Vans and my Superga shoes over the last week or so but I really want to try and keep them for out of work. I need something smart and comfortable. At the start of this week I decided to use my Bronx cowboy boots. They go really well with my dresses and are pretty comfy to walk in. All was going well till I noticed the heel needs replacing. I guess that’s to be expected after a year of being well worn. Once the heel is sorted I have a feeling that these will be my go to shoe or at least for the time being. Maybe another pair of cowboy boots is what I need? I saw some in Topshop a few months back but they don’t seem to be there any more. Did any of you see them? They were very Dog The Bounty Hunter – black with a steel toe. I was hoping they had gone into the sale but I think it might be an Ebay job.