Lush: Stepping Stone foot scrub


We seem to be getting a lot more sunshine and I like to think that I’ll start wearing sandals soon (I probably wont). When you’re wearing sandals everyday you should take extra care to look after your feet so I decided it was time to pay Lush a visit.

I spent a lot of time looking at all the foot products in Lush and in the end I decided to treat myself to a Stepping Stone foot scrub (£2.95). This scrubs contain lemongrass oil and sea salt which works to clean your feet and leave them with a very strong lemony scent. The cocoa butter and jojoba oil will help to keep your feet soft and moisturised.

I found this very simple to use but must stress that you break off the amount you wish to use before you get your hands wet! If you don’t you may find yourself breaking away more of the scrub and turning it into a paste. I used the chunk on damp feet and rubbed it straight onto the skin. I then left my feet to soak with a little of the product.

My feet didn’t have any irrations to this scrub but as my hands were a little sore they stung whilst using it. That’s more my own fault and it can be avoided by wearing gloves. I’ve used this once a week for a few weeks and still have a little left. A small chunk goes a long way and it will be something I’ll repurchase soon.