Lush Charity Pot

IMG_6818Trial size

Last week I told you about the Stepping Stone foot scrub from Lush but I forgot to mention the litte trial pot of hand lotion I picked up. Lush often have trial and full sized pots of lotion for charity and give the full amount excluding VAT to their chosen charity. I think that’s pretty good seen as you often see companies giving just 10% a ‘charity’ product away. Find out more about the charities Lush donates to.

The cream has a slight chocolate scent to it and can be used on your hands, body or face. I find the size of the trial tins really handy to keep in my handbag and use throughout the day or before applying make-up. The first thing you will notice is that this cream is very light and thin. It sinks into your skin quickly and you don’t have to worry about waiting for your hands to dry off. However, I find that as my skin can get very dry I tend to need something much thicker. This isn’t something that will prevent me from buying the charity pot creams again as it’s actually very useful for work. Sometimes when I used my Hemp cream I have to wait a good few minutes before I can touch anything else so it’s nice to be able to dab a little of the Lush cream on and continue with my day.

Next time I’m in Lush I plan on getting a full size pot and refilling my little trial size tin. You can buy a full sized pot on the Lush website.