Tea and reading


Tea cup* – Joules, teapot – Le Creuset and homemade pear and blueberry crumble.

Bottomless cups of tea and a little homemade pear and blueberry crumble are the perfect accompaniments to an evening of reading and catching up on blogs. Since I’ve started to go to the gym on lunch breaks it’s meant I’ve had a little more time to spend doing other things in the evening. I’m yet to start getting back to reading books irl but I’ve been reading a lot more articles and keeping up to date with Wired magazine. I usually keep up to date with articles via Prismatic or Flipboard on my iPad and phone. Have any of you used these news apps? Both of them are very easy to use and simply collect all relevant news articles on your chosen topics from around the web so you can read them within one app and share them with friends. I’ve also downloaded Zite and Flud News but have’t had the chance to play around with them enough.

I like to wait till I have time to sit at my laptop to be able to enjoy reading and commenting on blogs. Sometimes I will click through blog links via Twitter on my phone but it’s just not the same. Have you come across good blogs lately? I’m always on the look out for new ones to add to my favourites list.

Here are a few things I’ve spotted around the internet this week:

– If you’re looking for book recommendations then check out The Book Boy

– An interview with Warren buffet and Jay-Z

Tabasco popcorn

– A beautiful but expensive dress

– A brillant tip for work – solutions not problems

– Marmite have joined Pinterest – YAY!

– Mat shares some fantastic posts over at his blog – Buckets & Spades.