GBK in Norwich: Avocado burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen opened at the start of June. This was a pretty big deal here in Norwich and by the time the opening night rolled ’round I was sick of hearing people bang on about it. I’d been to GBK on and off over the years when I was living in Manchester but it never made a huge impression on me. However, since living in Norwich I’ve started a hunt for the best burger in town along with my equally burger obsessed friend. So, a few days after it opened Ayesha and I decided it was really our duty to check out GBK.

IMG_7390I went for the avocado and bacon burger with chunky fries. There’s also the option of skinny or sweet potato fries which both look pretty damn good. They have a good selection of drinks which also includes milkshakes. As I need to stay away from dairy I went for a strawberry & elderflower drink which was very refreshing.

The prices are pretty standard but you really shouldn’t be queuing up to order yourself. I paid £8.85 for my burger then chips were added on top. Monkey nuts are supplied on the house, we had to wait a fair while for our food so we made our way through enough of them. You can check out the menu to see prices of the other burgers available.

If you’re planning on going to GBK then I suggest you download the app as you get a freebie each time you go. The app gave me a free sauce, so after a little thought I opted for the garlic mayo instead of the chilli sauce, which I’d normally pick. I wasn’t expecting much from a free dipping sauce and when it arrived it didn’t look very special. I’m pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised because the garlic mayo was delicious and very garlicy!






I really enjoyed the food and thought the service was ok but I had trouble relaxing whilst I ate my food. The layout of the place is pretty bad and having to dodge staff dashing up and down the stairs isn’t the most convenient thing. The other issue I had with the layout was having to queue to order your food, you know, Nando’s style. Where you order is also where the entrance of the restaurant is and it was getting very busy and confusing for the staff.

Overall the burger I had was really good and it’s worth trying if you haven’t been. I can’t decide if I’ll go back to the Norwich GBK unless I’m with someone who wants to try it. As I’ve mentioned the reason I’m not so keen on this one is because of layout and atmosphere, I like to be able to relax when I’m enjoying good food. Saying that, I do have a free portion of chips with my app on my next visit…. I should try out those sweet potato fries?