What I wore: Comfortable sandals

iPhone photo of my sandals

I treated myself to these pretty Esprit sandals in August from Spartoo shoes. They arrived whilst I was on my summer trip to NY. I didn’t get much use out of them in the UK as autumn quickly rolled ’round. I’d snapped them up at the late point of the summer. I find it very hard to find sandals I like and knew they would come in useful over the following years.

It was nice not to have to go hunting for sandals for my trip to Italy last week. I chucked these in my suitcase and crossed my fingers that they would be comfortable for walking in.

Although I had high hopes for these sandals over anything from Topshop etc I still didn’t think they would be very comfortable for long distance walking. I expected to wear them in the evening when I was going out for dinner and walking by the lake. However I quickly realised that these sandals did a good job at keeping my feet comfortable and were much cooler than wearing Converse. I ended up walking quite a distance in them around Verona, Bordolino and various other little towns. I think we were usually walking between 7 – 10 miles a day (I only know this because of my Up by jawbone) and I’m pleased to say that the sandals didn’t give me any blisters or discomfort.

I’ll be writing about my trip to Italy next week so keep an eye out for photo heavy posts!