Nivea face cleansing wipes


I picked up a small pack of travel-sized face wipes a few weeks back to keep in my bag. They were handy for when I was doing the charity walk and for my trip to Italy. I was in a bit of a rush when I got them and ended up with the ones for normal and combination skin instead of dry and sensitive. As I don’t use facial wipes very often I didn’t give it much thought and decided they would be ok.

This was a Nivea travel sized pack which was very handy to keep in my handbag. They lasted for about two weeks which I thought was pretty good. They ¬†were very useful for when my hay-fever got bad and I could quickly wipe off my mascara. They did a very good job at removing make-up but as they weren’t for my type of skin they made it a little dry. I fixed this by using extra moisturiser and making more of an effort with applying eye cream.

If you don’t have sensitive skin then you will probably find these pretty good, especially for getting rid of your make-up when you’re feeling lazy. Those of you with sensitive skin should go for the dry and sensitive skin pack, I think I’ll get a pack of these to try out during the week. It’s a shame they didn’t have them in the small packs when I needed them or that I didn’t pay a little extra attention and get the ones that were best for my skin.