My new blender from Groupon

Cooks blender* via Groupon




I’ve never been one to buy vouchers online, I’m just not organised enough for it. However, when Groupon asked if I’d like to try their service I thought I’d give it a go. I know a few friends have had bad experiences with group buying websites and as this was my first time trying one out I felt slightly cautious. I was pleasantly surprised with the service from Groupon. The process was very simple, the system was easy to use and delivery went smoothly.

I’d been looking for a blender for quite some time and decided to try one out from the goods section on the website. So far this blender is fantastic. I’ve been having smoothies a few times a week before work and it does a real good job of blending together all the fruits I chuck in there. I’ll do full review of this blender when I’ve been using it for a bit longer.

Will I shop with Groupon again? Probably, yes. I like the idea of buying products via the website but I’m not sure I’d be buying vouchers for paint-balling, afternoon tea or spa days as I don’t like planning things in advance.

You can find this blender on the James Russell website.

What are your thoughts on group buying websites?