Tea Review: Orange & Lotus Flower Green Tea


I’ve been doing pretty well at having a Nespresso or two in the morning and then sticking to tea throughout the day. It’s the easiest way for me to avoid having to carry around my lacto free milk. This week I finished off a box of Orange and Lotus Flower Green Tea from Twinings. It had been sitting on my desk for quite some time, I put my earl grey to one side and went right through the remainder of the box. I usually find that whenever green tea comes with a dash of something extra it usually just tastes like good old green tea. However, I got quite strong floral notes in this tea but not so much the orange.

This tea is really refreshing, especially if you don’t leave the tea bag in for too long (it can be a little bitter if you do). If you’re not keen on floral tastes then I’d suggest you give this tea a miss and try one of the green tea and fruit varieties. I really like floral tea but I’m not sure I’d pick this same tea when I’m next in the supermarket, mainly because there are so many varieties of it that I’d like to try something new. Overall I enjoyed this tea and it did a good job of keeping me awake all day.