Tea review: Pomegranate from Chash Tea


I’m back with another tea review. This time it’s a pomegranate herbal tea which came as an extra within one of my orders form Chash Tea. Although I’m a big fan of pomegranates I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about having a tea based version of the fruit.

It isn’t something I’d have picked but after trying it I’ll definitely¬†be buying some more. This herbal tea has a lovely rich taste of pomegranate and red currents – if you’re a fan of berry based tea then I think you’ll enjoy this one. ¬†It’s a very refreshing tea and one which I think will taste just as good with a handful of ice cubes and dash of sugar to enjoy during the summer months as an iced tea.

Do you like pomegranates and have you tried it as a tea?