24 Hour Coastal Walk Challenge For Sporting Light Appeal

photo(1)North Face walking shoes*

Today I will be going on a 47 mile walk along the Norfolk coast. As you can probably imagine, I’m not doing this for fun. I’ll be walking in support of Sporting Light Appeal. I will be tweeting, sharing photos and maybe the odd video (Vine – Prettygreentea) as and when I can.

I’ve done various sponsored activities before, but this time I wanted to do something for a smaller and local charity. Sporting light appeal are a Norfolk based charity who work to help disadvantaged people and those with disabilities to experience the benefits of sport. Sport not only helps in keeping them active and happy but also improves their health and skills for the future.

So far I’ve raised £187 – I’m really pleased with this as there have been a lot of people doing fundraising events and it can be hard deciding which charities to sponsor.  Thank you to everyone who has donated.

If you would like to, it’s not too late to sponsor me.