What’s in my bag: May 2013

We had a few days of sunshine last weekend so I got out all my pastel clothes and handbags. As I’m sure those of you in the kingdom already know, the sunshine didn’t last, we wont talk about that though. On the few days of sun we had I decided to take a few photos of the things that I was carrying with me for a day in Cambridge. This is mainly a what’s in my bag post but it also contains some mini reviews of the things that I’ve been carrying with me in May. The bag I’m using at the moment is from Topshop, they have a variety of colours which are perfect for the summer months, especially for holidays.  It looks like quite a small bag but actually fits a lot in – though this post doesn’t really demonstrate that so well.  For a change I wasn’t carrying around very much. I obviously had my camera over my shoulder and my iPad to hand but other than that there wasn’t very much knocking about in my bag.



Fox iPad case*

This Joules* iPad case is fantastic. It’s covered in foxes and has a delightfully bright orange lining. The padding is really protective and the standard iPad cover can be left on whilst you’re using the case. The zip is really strong and secure – the case is actually much better than I’d expected. Let me know if you’d like a separate review . 


This red Clarins lipstick is from the Joli Rouge collection. I picked it up at the airport when I went to New York last summer. The Papaya shade has been in my bag for most of May, its fruity scent is really getting me in the mood for summer. This lipstick has orange tones and glides on easily, it’s a nice and easy way to start to wear red shades. I can’t remember how much I paid for this but from checking the Clarins website they seem to be £18.00.


After I reviewed the original Palmer’s lip butter I had a few messages on Twitter telling me to try the dark chocolate and mint version. The very next day I was in Boots and decided to add one to my basket. To me, this lip balm smells like mint choc chip ice cream and that’s a very good thing!


I always have hand-cream in my bag and Hemp from the Body Shop is one of my favourites. I tend to use this during the winter months but as the weather has been a bit iffy I’ve had a tube in my bag to keep hands moisturised and healthy till we start to get more sun.


This hand sanitizer is also from my NY trip last summer. I got a selection of 5 hand sanitizers from Bath and Body works because they had such lovely scents. I’m now running out but luckily my friend has a few more for me as he just got back form NY.


This handy little card holder was part of a gift form my auntie. It’s the perfect size to chuck into my bag or keep in my pocket if I want to travel light.


This is a handy little Monet mirror that my mum gave me. I don’t use it often but it’s nice to have it to hand if I decide to make an effort and apply some blusher during the day.


From taking these photos I’ve realised that I really need to upgrade my purse. I’ve had this owl purse for about 4 years and haven’t bothered replacing it. I’m in the process of looking for a new one but have realised I’m quite fussy about what I want. I don’t like those really long ones which can hold all your cards, cash and notes but take up the most of your bag. I’m looking for a plain structured purse, something which is only slightly bigger than the size of a debit card.


It’s only just got to June and my diary is already looking a little beat up. This is probably a good thing and means that I’m making a bit of an effort to be organised. This was a gift and it came from WHSmith I normally have a larger diary and think I’ll go back to a bigger one next year. For now though, this is a really handy size to keep in my pocket or bag.


Keeping a Gin Gins ginger chew in my bag is pretty standard these days. I wrote about them a few months back and if you want to know where to find them your best bet is to try Holland and Barrett.