Amie facial wash review


Evening, all. I thought it was about time I shared my review on the latest facial wash I’ve been using. I don’t tend to use a face wash or mask on a regular basis because my skin is very sensitive – it can be hard finding ones that work for me. From time to time I use a face mask by Living Nature but that’s on more of a monthly basis.

As you can see from the photo, I’ve been using a face wash by Amie* for the last month or so. I hadn’t heard of this brand before it landed on my desk but was delighted to find that Amie don’t test on animals and they avoid using nasty chemicals – I couldn’t wait to try out the products.

I’ve been really pleased with the results of this facial wash. I’ve found myself using it every other day in the mornings to wake up and feel refreshed and evenings to get rid of any excess make-up. I gently apply the product all over my face and neck, leave it for a few minutes and then remove it with warm water. It doesn’t matter what time of the day I use this, I always find it leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturised.

The product has a lovely soft scent, I can really pick up on the raspberry tones and find it light and refreshing, not overpowering like some face products can be. I’m delighted to say that Amie’s Morning Clear facial wash has done my skin the world of good. I’m always a little nervous when I try a new product because my skin is very sensitive. I felt fairly confident with Amie because they use 96.8% natural ingredients – that’s pretty specific but bloody good and anything which avoids using oddball chemicals is always going to get a thumbs up from me.

At £4.95 for 150ml of product I really can’t complain. I think this is a fantastic price for a quality product that doesn’t test on animals and does a fantastic job at looking after your skin. I’m keen to try more from the Amie range and will be sure to repurchase this product (though I think it’s going to last for quite some time) in the future. I’m keen to try the exfoliating polish next…!

I have a review of one of the Amie face creams coming up at the weekend.