Friday – Links I like

Good evening! I hope you all had a productive productive week, whatever you were doing. I had a good week in work but didn’t manage to get to the gym as much as I’d have liked as my hay fever is really draining me. It’s nice to be finally sitting down with a cuppa to read some blogs and work on a few myself. I thought I’d start doing my weekly reading lists again. This time it’s going to be a Friday thing. I’m going to share interesting things I’ve spotted around the internet, games I’ve been playing, snippets from books or whatever else I think you may like.

Delightfully Tacky – A bloggers “perfect” life

A list of 10 banned books

The search for the best burger in the UK

A British guide to NYC

18 rules of living 

How to make an instant slushy with Coke

Death by Oreo cupcakes

Pancake recipes

Chain Reaction – such an addictive game

My friend made his own version of Dots – best played on iPad

Multicolr Search Lab

Prettygreentea bucket list

Feel free to share anything of interest and if I use it in a future post of Facebook update I’ll link back to your blog.