Burt’s Bees sensitive night cream review

IMG_7651Burt’s Bees sensitive night cream – £14.99 50g*

Evening, all. I was just applying my night cream when I realised it’s been a while since my last night cream review. As it’s boiling hot in my bedroom I’m pretty sure I wont get any sleep so I here I am, writing a review about the cream I just used. Burt’s Bees sensitive night cream is my product of choice at the moment and has been treating me well since the end of May.

When I first started using this night cream I thought it was going to be too thin and light to keep my skin moisturised. However I was wrong. The the consistency is a lot lighter than the night creams I normally use but it’s done a really good job. A little product goes a long way and covers my face easily – I still have half a pot left and think it will last for another two months or so. A good few months is pretty standard for most quality 50g cream pots so I’m really pleased with this.

The cream soaks into my skin quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. By the time morning rolls around my face and neck feel very soft, so much so that I have to remind myself to use a face cream before applying any make-up. I’ve had no irritation or reactions from using this cream and have used it most nights and on the occasional mornings (when I’m too lazy to find my usual day cream). The product is fragrance free which is very good for those of us with sensitive skin.

The cream comes in a glass jar which I really like but it doesn’t make it easy to travel with. I keep this by the side of my bed so I can use it just before going to sleep.

Burt’s Bees is a brand I always go to when I’m looking for a lip balm I know works, soaps that agree with my skin or when I’m putting together gift packs for my friends. It’s nice to have the chance to try products from their sensitive skin range and I’ll soon be sharing a review on their eye cream.