Mavala – Hydro-Repairing Foot Care review


Mavala kindly sent over some Hydro Repairing Foot cream a few weeks before my 47 mile walk (yes, I’m still banging on about that). This stuff is fantastic! It can be easy to forget about caring for your feet but as soon as we get a little sunshine and the sandals come out  it’s clear that our feet need some love and attention. If you can manage to get into looking after your feet once a week then that is a good place to start – This is where Mavala comes in, they have a wide range of products to care for your feet.

If you have dry and tired feet it’s best to use this product at night. Simply apply over your feet and then let it soak in over night by wearing cotton socks. I use this product as an intensive treatment on a weekly basis and then use the Lush stone scrub one or twice a month. The Mavala cream can be used daily but at the moment I’ve not found the time to treat my feet that kindly. I hope to be able to keep up my weekly foot care over the next few months and maybe even increase it.

The cream is quite fragranced and as I sometimes get very sore hands (damn dairy) it can make them sting a little when I apply it to my feet. I get ’round this by squeezing the cream onto my foot and then massaging it in – luckily I’ve been pretty good on the dairy front and my hands are in pretty good condition. I’ve not had any reactions to the cream and I only have myself to blame for my sore hands.

I’ll definitely be repurchasing this Mavala foot cream as it’s doing such a good job. It can be hard to find Mavala products but if you have a John Lewis store near by then they tend to stock a wide range of their products. I’ve also made a mental note to pick up a few tubes as gifts next time I pop in there.

Do you use any foot creams?