Vaseline gel body oil

I think this has to be my new favourite cream gel of the year. That’s a pretty bold statement to make, isn’t it? But it’s true and I’ve already purchased a bunch of other products from this new Vaseline collection.


I’ve been using this awesome Vaseline body gel at night for well over a month now. I’ve actually had to take a little break from using it whilst the weather has been warm but my plan is to use it when the weather is back to being cold. I think that this gel is going to be a miracle product this winter – especially for those of you with dry skin. So stock up on this gel for winter and treat your skin.

I avoided using this gel in the mornings because it takes quite a while for the product to dry and allow you to get dressed. However at night time it’s the most moisturising product you can put on your skin. I always apply it straight after I’ve been in the shower and although it takes a little while to sink into your skin you will really feel the benefits in the morning. By the time morning roles round your skin feels super soft and I don’t feel I need to be using a body cream before getting dressed. This is a pretty good thing because I’m quite lazy when it comes to body creams.

A small amount of this product really goes a long way. I’ve been using this every night for about 4 weeks and there is still well over half left. I think that over the winter months I will probably get through this bottle within two months which I think is pretty good for a product that costs under £5.

Those of you with oily skin should probably only dry this during the cold winter months. If you have dry skin then you will love this gel. Oh and if you have sensitive skin like me then you might like to know that it hasn’t caused any skin irritation for me. Honestly this gel is fantastic.

I’ve already purchased the aloem fresh version of this gel for under £3 in Superdrug (both versions were reduced) and will get a review to you soon.