Sale purchase: Henry Holland sandals

Hallo, everyone! Have any of you been checking out the summer sales? I’m not the type of person to go searching through rails of sale clothes, that takes patience which I don’t have when it comes to shopping. If I happen to be walking past and something jumps out at me then I’ll stop, look and usually buy! This is what happened with these fab Henry Holland sandals.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I find it hard to buy sandals, I’m just too picky. Remember the gladiator phase people went through? Yeah, I didn’t get involved with that. I think the first pair of sandals I liked in recent years were these Esprit ones.



I now own two pairs of sandals and hopefully they will last me for a few years.  These Henry Holland sandals were in the sale in Debenhams and I was only meant to be popping in for some tights but spotted these out of the corner of my eye, whoops. I paid £19 for them but they were originally £38 and came in blue and red. If they’d had my size in the red then I would have grabbed those too.




So far these sandals seem to be pretty comfortable but they’re obviously not made for walking long distance in. I’m really happy with them and they go really with with skirts, dresses and jeans.

Even if you don’t like looking ’round the sales you should always keep your eyes open.