Amie Morning Dew review

IMG_9508Amie Morning Dew *

I’ve been really excited to share this Amie face cream with you, ever since the first week of trying it out. Things got pretty busy over here in the world of Prettygreentea, but I’ve finally found the chance to sit down and tell you just why Morning Dew has made it into my top 5 moisturisers.

Most of the face creams I use are very thick as I have dry skin. However, this cream from Amie is much lighter but still applies enough moisture to keep my face feeling soft all day. I tend to use this as a morning cream at the moment but sometimes use it at night. I apply the cream to my face as soon as I’m awake and by the time I’m dressed the cream has soaked into my skin and I can apply any make-up I may be wearing that day. It’s nice to use a cream which doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy in the mornings.

Whilst having a quick look around the website I noticed that this cream is packed with 90.8% natural ingredients – that’s pretty good to me. This moisturiser is just £4.95 and much more affordable than my other favourite creams, especially ones which use mostly natural ingredients.

I’ve actually used another Amie face cream which I love (review coming in a few days) but I’m now saving it for winter because it’s a thicker formula.

What moisturiser are you using at the moment?