House & Home – Cath Kidston

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Good morning! How was your bank holiday weekend? I went to Cambridge to visit family. I did a lot of walking and spotted the new mushroom prints in the window of Cath Kidston. I’m really into mushroom prints, especially that of the Fly Agaric variety. I just had to dive into the shop on Saturday and see what they had to offer. I really like everything in the range and I’m very tempted by the plates and tablecloths but I’d rather wait ’til I have my next home sorted – I don’t think I should be spending money on these things at the moment. For now, I’m thinking of getting the salt & pepper shakers┬áto put away in preparation or perhaps to use. The only thing that makes me think twice about getting them is that I don’t use ground pepper – maybe there is something else I could use one of them for (Nando’s Peri Peri sprinkle?).