Minnetonka memories



Just like music, clothes can hold and trigger memories. I’ve been wearing my Minnetonka moccasins a lot over the last two months. The weather has been so warm here in the UK that they have quickly become my go to shoes. Not only do I find them very comfortable but they also hold some good memories for me.

I got these shoes about a year ago when I was in New York. I’d spend a few years eyeing these up whilst living in Manchester but as I was a student I could never justify spending the cash on them. When I finally found them a bit cheaper in NY I knew I had to get them. I got them at just the right time, my poor feet were becoming very sore from doing so much walking. These shoes helped me get from block to block, across the Brooklyn bridge and up and down the floors of MOMA.

They’re finally starting to look a little beat up and maybe in need of replacement within the next few months. Though I’m keen to get another pair I can’t see myself parting with this pair very easily. They are filled with good memories from New York and a also resemble the start of a new chapter in my life.