Fighting off pollen in the summer



IMG_9542Hay Max

This summer has been pretty bad for those of us with hay fever, really bad actually. I know the last weekend of summer has passed by but I wanted to let you know about Hay Max. It’s a good product to keep in mind for next time you need to stock up and fight off the pollen.

I saw it sitting on the shelf in Boots and┬áremembered that when I worked in Holland & Barrett people would go crazy for this stuff. I’d always meant to try it but only got ’round to it this summer. This stuff is fantastic. Hay Max acts like a bodyguard for your nose and does its best to fight away the pollen.

All you do is pop a little of the balm around your nose and you’re good to go. I tend to reapply it a few times, especially after sneezing. Hay Max doesn’t cure hay fever but it does a damn good job of reducing the effects of it and trapping the pollen before it gets the chance to get into your body.