Keds sizing





You can’t go wrong with a good pair of black pumps because they always end up being very useful. I find them really handy for walking to work in and they tend to go with most outfits. I try pretty hard to avoid buying pumps from places like Topshop or Primark because they just don’t last very long and you end up having to repurchase them on a monthly basis. I’d much rather spend a bit more and buy Converse, Vans or Keds and know that they will last me for a good few months, if not longer.

Converse tend to be my first choice but over the years I’ve also been a fan of Keds. I think they can look a little smarter, especially when they are in black or navy. It’s important to remember that Keds seem to be larger than other shoes and are also quite narrow.┬áThese Keds were meant to be a 5 but felt more like a 6. I would recommenced dropping down a size if you’re ordering online. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new pair of pumps then you will be pleased to know that ASOS have some Keds reduced at the moment!