Life without foundation – Part 2


Have you had a good weekend? I’m spending the day in Cambridge today and then heading back to Norwich in the evening. I’ve come to pick up one of my winter coats because I don’t have all my things in Norwich. I’ve been eyeing up some of the new range in Topshop and Barbour but I think I’m going to wait for the sale because my coats from last year are still good to see me through this winter. I’ll have to find another way of getting a dash of pastel pink into my outfits.

The weather really has changed now and I’m pleased to see Autumn settling in and finally being able to wrap up in warm jumpers. I’ve spent most of the week in cowboy boots or Hunters and long cosy socks. I got lots of long socks in the Topshop sale which I knew would be handy for use with autumn boots. What boots are you using for Autumn?

Enough about the weather, I’m going to sit back with a cuppa tea and enjoy the afternoon with a book before putting the finishing touches to my Sunday link round-up. What do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Photo on 14-09-2013 at 21.40 #3

Before I go I thought I should update you on how my week without foundation has gone. To be honest there has been no improvement so far. I think my face may have got worse because of having ice cream at the cinema on Wednesday. I’m going to make more of an effort to avoid these bits of dairy that I still let slip into my life.

I don’t know if I should try using a powder for my face whilst I’m in work or would that be cheating? I’m also not sure what kind of powder I would go for. I might have a look into this and let you know what I decide. If any of you have any recommendations for good face powders for dry skin then please let me know.

Photo on 14-09-2013 at 21.39

Have any of you thought about quitting foundation? If you’ve tried it I’d love to know if you’ve seen any improvements.