My Nike running trainers



I got these Nike running trainers about a year ago from JJB before it closed down in Norwich. They were about £60 and exactly what I needed for the gym. I know that I should probably be thinking of investing in a new pair sometime soon but I’d like to get a really good pair so I’m saving up for now. If I’m totally honest, these ones still seem ok and do a good job for the running machine and cross-training so I don’t mind waiting a little while.

I recently joined a new gym and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of a routine. Its taken a while (since the 47 mile walk) to fully start enjoying the gym and not having to worry about pains and aches. I have some recurring injuries which is a bit annoying but they seem to ease up with swimming.

I’ve been trying to go and run or cross-train during my lunch breaks from work and then if I have time in the evenings I’ll get at least one swim in each week (that failed last week though). I’d like to start swimming twice a week as I find it really enjoyable and it’s a good all over workout.

Do you go to the gym? If so, I’d be interested to know what trainers you use.