The search for cowboy boots begins..


For the last few weeks I’ve been wearing my good old cowboy boots. I’ve worn these boots so much over the last year or so that I’ve had them reheeled to ensure they last a bit longer. Sadly it seems to have got to the point where they’re really making my feet ache, though that could be due to all the walking I do these days. Either way, as I mentioned in my other post I really should think about getting a pair of winter boots sorted for this cold weather that’s approaching.

I really like the idea of getting some more cowboy boots because they’ve been my favourite style of boot for years. They go well with dresses, skirts and jeans and even hold out pretty well in the rain. I used to have a thing for 60’s style boots that stopped just above the knee. However, they always had very small heels and because they usually came from high-street shops they didn’t last very long.

I’ve started looking around the internet to see what I can come across. There is a good shop in Covent Garden that sells real cowboy boots, I can’t remember the name but I’ll be heading to London at the end of the month and hope to check it out.

Finally, I found some ankle boots in Schuh and there is of course some brilliant American sites which have some badass cowboy boots. I’ll update you with a post when I find a few that I like.