Sunday Links to share – #6



Hi, how was your Sunday? I’ve been pretty busy this evening with cleaning and working on blog posts for the week. I still need to sort out some washing and finish off some emails that I was meant to send last week. I missed out on sharing interesting links on here last week but if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me sharing some articles and some #BrilliantBlogs. I’m back this week with a few links and hope there’s something to interest everyone. You will find a bit about fashion, games, food and some interesting articles. Let me know if you’ve read, played or listened to anything you think is worth sharing.

If you’re practicing pumpkin carving then try out The Londoner’s Salted Caramel Dragon Scales
Fancy looking at a beautiful dress and fantastic photos? Head over to Carrie’s blog – WishWishWish
The 50 brands that young women love – Business Insider
Here are women who drive motivation and imaginations
The week in pictures – BBC
Travel to-do list for October 
I’ve been playing Pong – it’s addictive, be careful!
I’m following some cool people on Pinterest – check them out
Pumpkin spice cupcakes
Beautiful clothes on Etsy