Tea Horse review: Panyong Golden Needle

Morning, all! Have you heard of Tea Horse? If you’re a tea lover like me then I think you’ll be interested. I was sent a Tea Horse Taster Box the other month and really liked the concept of getting a selection of surprise tea through the door. The box of tea comes beautifully packaged with 4 teas (15g or 20g), 40 tea filters and lots of information on the teas within your box.



Each pocket of tea is filled with 15g or 20g of tea. My box contained 4 20g pockets of tea and I really enjoy each one of them. The website suggests that there is enough for 10 – 30 cups from each. I’ve made about 10 cups with Panyong Golden Needle so far and still have over half of the pocket left. I find that this tea doesn’t need a lot of leaves within each filter as it has quite a strong taste. When you come across a tea you can’t get enough of you can simply head over to their shop and buy a full size bag.

Panyong Golden Needle has quite a sweet, rich taste with clear notes of caramel. This is a thick tea which I drank black and thoroughly enjoyed. I think that if you prefer to have tea with a little milk or cream then this one would work nicely due to the sweet taste. This tea is perfect to have on a cold day as it’s very warming – it would be perfect for the autumn months which are about to kick in.

Each month the box will also come with 40 tea filters which makes brewing easy if you don’t have a tea strainer.


There are 3 ways to subscribe with Tea Horse. You can sign up monthly for £11.95, do 3 months at once and pay £35 or you can sign up for the year (£120) and save £35. At the moment I’m doing a lot of saving and don’t feel I can spend £11.95 a month on a box of various teas (as much as I’d love to). However, it’s something that I plan on trying again, maybe as a one of thing now and then. What I see myself doing is buying these boxes as gifts. Christmas is quickly creeping up and I have one or two people in mind who I’d like to get the 3 month package for. These kind of subscription boxes along with beauty and craft boxes make very nice gifts that last for a few months!

Have you tried out a tea subscription service like Tea Horse?