My Sunday morning


This morning I met my grandma (who always has cool jewellery) at the station for a quick coffee before she jumped on a train towards Southwold. I really wish I could have gone with her as I’ve not been back to my favourite place for quite a long time now. I really must start getting some of my photos printed, I have a lot from my time in Southwold and it would be nice to put them together into a Blurb book, or something similar. Have any of you ever made one? A few years back I spent some time putting one together but then the project got put on hold when I started doing some work experience.


Anyway, enough of the Southwold chat. After I waved goodbye at the station I headed over to the gym. I left my running shoes at work on Friday so I ended up having to wear some very very old Converse. These pumps were so old and well loved that I had to take a lace from the shoes I walked to the gym in to keep them done up. I didn’t looked very pulled together whilst I was there but at least I managed to do a good workout and that’s the important bit.


Since going to the gym this morning I’ve decided it could be time for a new pair of Converse. Especially as the pumps I wore to the gym were pretty uncomfortable (more on that later). However, I can’t help but think that it isn’t really the time of year to be getting a new pair of non rainproof shoes. The weather seems to be a little cray at the moment. One minute it’s cold and big drops of rain are falling down on us and the next the sun is shining bright. I think I should really be focusing on a pair of winter boots but it’s just so much easier to slip on a comfortable pair of pumps. Have you moved into wearing your winter boots yet?

What’s your workout routine at the moment? Does it change much at the winter months kick in?