BarryM eyeshadow pencil

IMG_0769BarryM eyeshadow pencil – £4.59 but Boots usually have offers

This BarryM eyeshadow pencil was such a let down. Not long after starting to use it I noticed that it kept breaking. Whenever I sharpened the pencil it would just continue to break untill the eyeshadow fell out of the pencil casing. I was pretty gutted about this because it was a lovely shimmery shade and when I actually managed to apply it to my eyelids it would glide on easily and stick around for a good few hours before it looked like a top-up was needed.

Anyway, this eyeshadow pencil was from a while back and I’ve just checked the Boots website to see they now sell Supersoft crayons. I hope that one of you will tell me these are much better now. If so, I’ll give them another go. Otherwise, I think I’ll be trying one from another brand.