Colour inspiration: Thinking pink for autumn & winter

Think pink 20131 – hat 2 – scarf 3 – jacket 4 – skirt 5 – coat

There are so many beautiful pink coats floating about this season. From high-street to designer there is something for everyone. However, a coat isn’t the only way to fit a little pink into your autumn & winter wardrobe. I personally fancy adding hats, scarves and tights in various shades of candy-floss and bubblegum. These will soften up my outfits during the cold months.

I’ve put together a few pink fashion staples for autumn & winter. I’m yet to pick up any pieces but I think ill be sure to go for a cosy hat when payday rolls ’round this weekend. The pretty skirt from Carven is also very high up on my wish-list but it’s likely to be something that stays as a wish.

Have you added any pink to your winter wardrobe?