House & Home: Pumpkin time

The perfect addition to any home for the month of October has to be a pumpkin. An evening spent carving a spooky face, creepy cat or crooked house into a pumpkin is one well spent. I suggest you call a few friends and tell them it’s a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) evening ’round yours. Brew up some spicy hot choc or mulled wine and fry up deliciously dangerous dragon scales ready for your guests. If you go for the mulled wine then don’t drink too much, not ’till you’ve carved your pumpkin anyway!

I always like to carve a few pumpkins throughout the month so that by the time Halloween swings ’round I’m ready to carve something a something a little more exciting. It also gives me the chance to work on those wobbly edges.


Gadgetoid and I carved this little cat face using the Dremel 8200 and a simple hobby knife. It doesn’t matter what tools you use, just make sure you’re being safe. We went for a friendly cat face (video of carving) as this was the first one we did for the month of October. We then followed it up with a crooked house and are about to start working on out third. We have a larger pumpkin this time and want to do something a little more fancy. If you have any ideas for what we should carve into the face of our pumpkin then I’d love to hear your ideas.


What will you be carving on your pumpkins this year?