Maybelline Baby Lips

I finally got ’round to buying what may just be, the most talked about lip balm in the world of blogging. There are no facts behind that statement but you know as well as I do that everyone’s been banging on about Maybelline Baby Lips for months on end. It took me a while but I picked up the mint Baby Lips lip-balm a few weeks ago in Boots. I use lip balm daily and often have a few on the go at once. If any of you care to hear what I’ve got to say on yet another lip balm, then read on.

aybelline Baby Lips – £2.99 – Boots 

I’m petty sure you don’t need me to tell you, but incase you’ve missed out on the frenzy, there are 6 Baby Lips to pick from. They are made up of 3 scents and 3 tints and come in delightfully colourful packaging.

Was this lip-balm any different to similar priced products on the market? Not really. Hold up, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it. It simply means that it’s a good lip balm at a good price but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been using this lip-balm in the morning, before bed and a couple of times during the day. It’s very hydrating and hasn’t caused any irritation to my skin. I even like applying it as a base coat before lipstick. The mint scent is lovely and fresh but I fancy trying the lemon one next – yes, I will be buying more but they are just as good as Carmex, Blistex etc.

If you need a new lip-balm then try out Baby Lips, they do the job they’re designed to do.

What do you think of Maybelline Baby Lips?