Dairy free ice cream: Swedish Glace

IMG_8991 Available from all major supermarkets in the UK

I’m meant to be dairy free but I fail quite often. Over the last few years I’ve cut out cheese and milk but I still let chocolate, ice cream and all the tasty treats slip into my life. I normally regret it within a few days, when my skin has gone sore.

I’m starting to look for alternatives at the moment. I really like sorbet but sometimes it just doesn’t satisfy that ice cream craving. I’ve started trying dairy free ice cream and Swedish Glace tastes delicious.

I’ve only tried the vanilla flavour but it also comes in Wild Blueberry, Juicy Raspberry, Rich Chocolate, Neapolitan and selection of lollies. I really need to try the other varieties but my local Sainsbury’s only stocks vanilla and neapolitan.

There is just one bad thing about Swedish Glace – they don’t have mint choc chip!