Nakd Bars – Ginger Bread & Banana Bread Review

I should have reviewed these delicious bars ages ago, but time has been moving so fast over the last few weeks that I simply forgot. Anyway, I’m finally here to tell you about the most healthy and yummy snack I’ve come across in recent months. I honestly didn’t think that a simple fruit and nut bar could be so moorish ’til I tried these. It’s important to note that these bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free – YAY. 

Both the ginger and banana bread bars are delicious. I’m yet to try the others in the range but I’ve got my eye on the coca orange one.

The ginger bar was filled with lots of spices. I enjoyed being able to taste the ginger, cloves and cinnamon. I found the bar to be very filling and ideal before or after a gym session.


The banana bread bar was much more moist than the ginger one. It had an equally good flavour but was a little more sweet. These are not only good as a treat with a cuppa but I like to keep them in my gym bag. I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of an energy kick when I’m walking home.


They may not look overly attractive when you open them up but after the first bite you will quickly forget about the appearance because they taste so good. 


These bars are a perfect snack to keep in your draw at work, in your college bag or to have as a post gym snack. They don’t have any added sugars, they’re nutritious, healthy and taste good – what more could you want from a snack?

I got my Nakd bars in Holland and Barrett (95p each) but I’ve also seen them in most supermarkets and of course, onlineHave any of you tried Nakd bars? I’d love to hear your thoughts.