What I wore: Wellington boots


The storm may be over but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the rain. It’s the beginning, if anything. The best way to keep your feet dry in this weather is with a good old pair of wellington boots. I’ve mentioned over and over about Hunter boots being my favourites because they last for years and are very comfortable. We have a few pairs knocking about the house and some from Noa Noa which have also are also proving to be long lasting.


If you’re thinking of getting a pair of wellies then I insist that you pop into your local TKMaxx. For the last few years I’ve seen some good quality boots including Hunter, Barbour and Joules in there. I got these city friendly ankle wellies the other year for around the £20 mark. The best thing about these is that they don’t come across as too obnoxious and clumpy when you’re going into work or just to the shop.



Although I’m bigging up my ankle wellies, I’ve actually been wearing my good old short style boots during the rain this week as they are the only ones at my flat in Norwich. I’d like to find a good pair of boots that I could use on a daily basis and not have to change as soon as I get into work. I’m yet to find a good pair other than wellies and my poor old cowboy boots may have had their day as my feet got soaked when I wore them on Monday.

Have you been wearing wellies this week?