Sunday Links #8 – Earl Grey cake and chai tea

cup and cake

Hi, have you all had a good weekend? I’m still trying to fight off a cold and have spent most of the weekend at home. I’ve managed to make a pumpkin pie, cook a roast dinner, do a little blogging and watch a lot of South Park, Family Guy and a few films. I don’t like having unproductive weekends but I guess it’s good that I’ve got a fair bit done this Sunday afternoon.

I plan on spending the rest of the evening doing a little tidying, watching the end of The Shield and then just resting in bed. I’ve put together a few links that you might find interesting. If you’d like to share your favourite link or blog from the week then please feel free to pop it in a comment below.

Burger Lad has all the burger reviews you could ever wish for.

A silly list of things people say on Twitter and what they really mean.

A lovely end of week post form Matthew with some good links and beautiful illustrations.

Chai Tea is perfect for the winter – this recipe sounds perfect.

Pinterest account of the week has to be Making Magique.

Earl Grey cake is something I want to try making next week.

I’ve been watching a lot of stop-motion videos this week. Here are a few I like:
May I Have Your Attention
A Short Love Story
Wretch Like me

Looking for some good recipes? I suggest you try Hot Cooking.

Burberry are on form with their social media during LFW – they get it right every time.

I’ve fallen in love with this purple skirt. I’m avoiding buying it this month as I’ve spent a lot on clothes lately and I’m trying to save.