Big Cup Little Cup: Alternative Nespresso pods

The lovely folk at Big Cup Little Cup  sent over 2 boxes of coffee capsules for me to try out . These guys have a very good eye for spotting coffee fans. They found my love for coffee and Nespresso hiding away within this little ol blog. I was delighted at the chance of trying out some new coffee, especially as I’ve been slack on making my monthly orders form the Nespresso Club.


I expect you’ve already worked out that Big Cup Little Cup are compatible with all Nespresso machines. These guys are very proud of their capsules and they explain everything much better than I could.

I’ve put the following set of photos in black and white to help you see the difference between the Big Cup Little Cup capsule (on the left) and the Nesresso pod (on the right).

As soon as you rip open the pouch the wonderful smell of coffee fills the room and gets you prepared for what you’re about to drink. This doesn’t happen with the Nespresso pods, they don’t let any coffee smell escape.

The Nespresso pods are a little larger and fit snugly into the machine. I found that although the Big Cup Little Cup ones do fit well you have to drop them into the machine very gently.


There are 9 blends to choose from and I can assure you that the 2 I’ve tried are very good. I’m keen to try more and need to decide which ones I’ll make with my next order. I’m already tempted by the Highwire because it sounds like super badass coffee.

As with the Nespresso pods they vary in price. The range currently starts at 23p per capsule and goes up to 29p. Boxes start as packs of 10 but increase up to 200. What I really like about this brand is that they say they’re continually developing their blends and creating new ones. There’s nothing worse than a fixed range, it’s nice to always have new coffee to try out.


Now for the most important bit. The taste test.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon is a medium strength blend (7) and is ideal for those who like a long coffee. I found this tasted best with a little milk and didn’t need any sugar as it had a sweet aftertaste.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain ended up being my morning coffee for a few weeks. It’s a strong espresso blend (9) with a very rich flavour and a hint of winter spice. I had this coffee without milk and a dot of sugar. Though my friend liked it just as much with warm lactose free milk.


Oh and last but not least, the lovely people at Big Cup Little Cup have supplied me with a discount code for you! Simply pop over to the website, make your order and pop in the code: PRETTYGREEN2110 – You have till 21st November to use the code.

Have you tried using alternative capsules for your Nespresso machine?