Sunday Links #10 – Photography tips & autumn walks

Nespresso coffee
Hello! How’s your weekend been? Mine has been pretty busy but very productive. I went out for drinks with work friends on Friday which made a nice change. Thankfully I didn’t get back too late which was a bonus because I was then up very early on Saturday morning. I spent the morning looking at houses and then the rest of the day was dedicated to exploring new areas of Norwich and as always, some evening blogging.

Today has been all about tidying, cleaning and blogging. I’m looking forward to starting the new week and hope to get to the gym more than twice this week. I’m also much more certain about ordering a new pair of winter boots as I managed to slip down some stairs on the way to work on Friday. I’ve ended up with a very sore knee (again) and I’m keen to replace my cowboy boots as soon as possible.¬†Anyway, enough about my weekend.

Get the coffee machine on, brew your favourite tea or maybe even get yourself a glass of wine. Sit down, relax and take a look at some of the interesting things I’ve found around the internet this week:

Are you dairy free? If so, you might find this list of various dairy free sources of calcium handy

I found this fab list of autumn walks around the UK

Here you will find part 2 of Carrie’s photography tips

If you’ve not already seen it then check out the Lego movie trailer

Things to think about when creating effective product page design

You don’t have to be a web designer to enjoy these brilliant Ted Talks. I’m in the process of making my way through the list

Here are some healthy eating habits from around the world

Here is a list of all the exciting things to do in London during November.