Breakfast at Coast to Coast – Norwich

We arrived at the train station a little early for our train (for a change). This meant we had time for the bacon sandwich we’d been craving all morning. Sadly, the station at Norwich doesn’t have much to offer in terms of a good breakfast. I did what I always do when I’m unsure where to eat, I fired up Foursquare (yes, some people still use it). It located the best places to eat near by and due to lack of choice we headed over to Riverside. There were a few positive reviews for the restaurants and we found ourselves drifting towards Coast to Coast.┬áHaving experienced a good burger there we didn’t hesitate to dive inside.

We pushed our suitcase under the table, untangled ourselves from hats and scarves and settled down for a quick breakfast. It made a nice change to know exactly what we wanted. We both ordered bacon and egg sandwiches with huge mugs of coffee to wash it all down.

We told the waitress we had a train to catch within 30 minutes and she assured us they would get everything out to us in good time (and they sure did). The service in Coast to Coast has been good each time I’ve been there.


The breakfast was good, really good actually. The egg was perfectly runny and the bacon was deliciously crispy and fluffy (which sounds odd but it’s an American thing) and reminded me of the type you get at The Breakfast Club. The coffee was also pretty good, just make sure you don’t mistake the salt pot for sugar, like my friend did.

The only thing that was a tiny tiny let down was that they didn’t have soya milk. Luckily, I like black coffee so it wasn’t such a big deal an the mini Oreos made up for it.