Celestial facial moisturiser

It’s been a while since I talked about beauty and skincare products on Prettygreentea. I believe my last one was about Maybelline Baby Lips. I have lots of products to talk to you about over the next few days but decided that I’ll start with a face cream. It’s something we should all be using on a daily basis, especially during the winter months.

The face cream I want to tell you about is from Lush. I’m probably the only person that didn’t realise they did face cream and my only excuse is that I don’t go into the shop often enough. The other month I spent a little time researching into the best products that Lush have for treating sensitive skin. I have a lovely little list of products that should work well with my skin and I was also sent over Celestial facial moisturiser to try out and see how it worked with my skin.

This face cream is beautiful. It smells like vanilla buttercream (but not too sweet) and is a delight to use. It glides onto the skin with ease because of its very very smooth texture. It’s almost as though the cream has been whipped up, making it light and airy.

This magical cream has been created for  those of us with sensitive skin and I can confirm that it is very gentle and moisturising. It has done a good job during this cold weather we’ve been having in the UK. My skin is feeling lovely and soft at the moment, I hope I don’t ruin it by consuming crazy amounts of dairy.


A 45g pot (£11.95) between 2 of us has lasted for just over 2 months, which I think is really good going. I’ll definitely be buying another pot of Celestial once I’ve made my way through the other creams I have knocking about the house.

Have any of you tried the face creams from Lush before?