Living Nature vitalising cleanser

IMG_9164Living Nature vitalising cleanser: around the £20 mark for 100ml

Today I want to tell you about a new cleanser I’ve been trying out. I always have my all time favourite cleanser (Clarins One-Step for dry skin) on hand but I like trying out new ones from times to time. The one I’ve been using lately was sent to me from Living Nature. Living Nature are a brand which I’ve used on and off over the years and have always had positive experiences. Their products are 100% natural with no nasty chemicals, which I think is a good way of looking after your skin (even if it’s not always possible).

The Living Nature cleanser is a lovely product and one which I’ve been using most evenings after removing my make-up with my current remover. Over the last few days I’ve decided to start using the cleanser within my morning routine because my skin has been pretty stressed and sore. I then continue my morning routine of toner and moisturiser and this new routine seems to be going well.

The product is a milky and creamy texture, which is something I’m not used to from a cleanser. It has a scent to it but it’s very hard to describe. I guess it’s quite a fresh and clean smell. I have very dry and sensitive skin and have found the cleanser to keep my skin moisturised and feeling soft and fresh. Something I really like about this cleanser is that it contains active Manuka Honey which helps to remove any impurities form the skin.

I simply apply the cleanser to my face with my fingers and make sure it’s fully massaged in. I then take some cotton pads, soak them in warm water and remove it all from my face.

There are lots of places you can buy Living Nature products. Always be sure to check your local stores (many health food shops stock it) but if you can’t find anywhere that stocks it then MyPure is a good place to try online as they often have good deals. They’re offering sample sachets at the moment.

Have you used Living Nature products before?