Sunday Links – #12



Hi, have you all had a good weekend? Mine has been pretty busy. Most of it was spent on my laptop, writing in notebooks and drinking tea. Pretty standard really but it had a lot more significance this weekend. As I mentioned in my last update, things are changing in my little world and I need to be really proactive, productive and organised to make sure everything goes to plan.

With such a busy week ahead I should really get off my laptop as I’ve had very little sleep over the last few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up tonight. I think I’ll probably end up watching some South Park with a big mug of tea and try and shut my mind down for a few hours.

Before I go, here are a few links I’ve collected from around the internet and I hope you find something you like:

Style Bubble on Paul Smith

I’ve been craving a chai latte and found this recipe over on Sincerely Kinsey

This mushroom tart over on Delightfully Tacky sounds delicious

I saw Tripleox tweet this photo of ginger cookies and now I want to make them this week with the Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe –

Here is a lovely post about spending time with your grandparents