Sunday Links on Tuesday – #11

coffe cups

Hi there! Are you all having a good start to the week? I didn’t manage to get this post live on Sunday because I’ve had a lot on my mind and needed some time away from the laptop. Things are changing real fast in the world of Prettygreentea and I’m not exactly sure what step to take next. Change is something that excites me but if I stop and think for too long I might become a little frightened at what’s around the corner. It’s a good job that I’m pretty good at avoiding that and can focus on the exciting (yet scary) journey ahead.

I don’t think dwelling on change or upset is the best way to deal with things. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and we have to take ‘changes’ in life as opportunities. Take a step back and pull the positives from the situation.┬áIt’s not easy, but nothing in life is.

Enough of that!

I hope you find a link that interests you from my little list:

I’m keen to try making some peppermint creams. They’re the perfect Christmas treat and I spotted this recipe on Cider with Rosie

Bourbon brownies with brown sugar bacon sound interesting, right? I am Pisces shares the recipe

Take a look at the lovely art I’ve found over in the world of Pinterest

Have a go at being CEO with Hipster CEO

Photographs of forgotten bank buildings across America

My friend Luca told me about this awesome app – Mailbox – I’ve just downloaded it and will let you know how I get on with it

If you’re a fan of buying beautiful things for your home then check out Anthropologie – I really like the new mugs and plates.