Diary decisions for 2014

I think keeping a diary is ingrained in me from my years at school, college and uni. Many people have ditched the diary in favour of smartphones and although there are some fantastic apps to keep your life in order, I’m still a fan of having a physical diary to keep track of day to day life. I tend to remember things better if I write them down.

Each year it’s a toss up between a Dodo and a Moleskine diary. I find it hard to venture far from these two because they’ve always done such a good job at keeping my life organised.

My first option is the Mini Dodo Pad. I used to use both the large and mini versions of these through university. They have good space for making notes and you can easily view your week in a grid format. I found this particularly useful when I had appointments, assignments and work to schedule in. The only downside was that they could get a little tatty but Dodo have fixed this with their new leather slipcover.

The second option is a 12 month weekly planner from Moleskine. I often go with black or red when it comes to Moleskine. However, I plan on changing my style a little in 2014 and trying new things, so I decided I’d select the smart green one to show you. I’ve been using these diaries over the last few years and find them very good for keeping track of work I need to do and planning blog posts. There is a good chunk of space for each day which allows you to write a little more than a few words about an appointment.

2014 diary

I did a little more research over the weeken and found lots of diaries that would happily use. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve stuck with one of my two trusty ones but it really was a hard decision this year. I found one very cute diary that tempted me and also a Q & A diary which is something I’ll have to treat myself to one year.

cute and fun diaries

There was a lot of competition when it came to picking something cute. I decided that a lot of you would like The Toffeenut diary. This diary allows you to set up the dates yourself which gives you the option to use it for any year. It has a very cute felt cover with a handy little pocket. There is also an additional pocket hidden away for love letters.

Next up is the fun 5 year diary. I absolutely love the idea of answering a question each day for 5 years. Over the years you get to see how thoughts change or maybe even stay the same. This would make a wonderful gift and is something I’m going to have to get for myself soon.

Do you still use a diary or do you find it easier to keep your life in order with you phone?