Last minute stocking fillers

I think I’ll always be a big fan of making stockings for my friends and family at Christmas and birthdays. It’s a nice way to give gifts and always fun to put together.

To me, stocking fillers should be cheap, cheerful, useful or edible. I know I’m cutting it fine with this post as there are only a few days left ’till Christmas, but I know that some of you haven’t finished your shopping yet. I’ve put together a little inspiration for last minute stocking fillers.

The list is made up from products and food I’ve reviewed here on the blog.  You should be able to find most of these items in your local farmers market, supermarket or on the high-street. If not, remember that this is just an inspiration list and there are bound to be alternatives on offer.

All the links will direct you back to original posts so you can check out the reviews. 


There are a lot of hats knocking about in the sales (yes, already). It’s worth popping into a few shops and seeing if you can pick up something fun and colourful. These are useful and will be needed well into the new year. My bobble hat was from ASOS but there are similar things on the high-street.

bacon jam
A firm and lasting favourite favourite from last year is bacon jam. The hype around bacon may have died down but this stuff is delicious and goes down a treat over the festive season.


Bath and shower products are always handy. I have sensitive skin but found that Cinders from Lush didn’t cause any irritation (remember that everyone has different skin). Lush also do nice products for men and it’s only fair that they get the chance to have a relaxing bath too.

ginger chews

This is another favourite from 2012. Ginger Chews are tasty, good for colds and help your digestive system. They are chewy and have a very strong kick to them. They can be found standing on the shelves in Holland and Barrett. For more info check my review last December.

If you have a herbal tea lover in the family then give them a bottle of Fruitbroo. It’s a natural syrup to make tea with and a very new product. Check out my full review of all flavours – you can buy them in Sainsbury’s.

Hand cream is always useful. One of the best cheap brands I’ve come across is Hand Therapy from Superdrug which I reviewed in September.
Some form of lip-balm always goes down well – this year I found the basic ones from Boots to be good.

What’s your price limit when it comes to buying stocking fillers?