House & Home: Fonteyn Collection

Hi, I hope you’re all well. We’ve made it to the middle of the working week, which means it’s time for my House & Home post. This is the first of 2014 and with a new job, home and style on the way I think these posts are going to be quite exciting. I hope to give you some home inspiration, introduce you to new designers and shops.

Firstly, do any of you use I’m a huge fan of the designers and the concept of the website. They give us the chance to buy straight from the makers and only manufacturer what’s been ordered over the course of the week. Made simply cuts out the middle man, they don’t have stores and there isn’t even a warehouse. All these factors help to cut down the price on each product. Nice, eh?

Today I want to highlight the Fonteyn Collection, designed by Steuart Padwick. It’s smart, curvy and practical. I’ll be moving house soon and really need to focus on sorting out some quality storage and furniture. The Fonteyn Collection has a 60s feel to it, I think that’s why I haven’t stopped visiting the site. I wont actually be buying new furniture ’til I’ve moved to my next place. However, I want to have a good idea of the things I need and the options available so I can focus on my goals for saving. I’m pretty set on the bedside tables, though this would also mean I’d have to change my bed, but that’s not a huge issue.


1 – Bedside table    2 – Coffee table    3 – Desk

Do you like the Fonteyn Collection?