Norwich: Tea and Little Cakes

Morning, all. Do any of you live in Norwich? If so, or even if you’re just visiting the city then you must pop into Tea and Little Cakes (TALC). It’s a cute independent cafe which serves a delicious range of cakes, fantastic breakfast and I hear they have a good lunch menu as well.

We woke feeling very sleeping one Sunday, but as always had a lot to get done. Sometimes it’s good to start a busy day with breakfast out or a good strong coffee and slice of cake. It sets you up for all the work you need to get done and also makes sure you get out of the house for some fresh air. We had already spent a few hours sitting in bed and typing away on our laptops so it only made sense to get dressed and head to TALC.

After a few rounds of coffee, some carrot cake and some coffee cake we were feeling much better. We had a little walk around Norwich, popped into Topshop, Game, Zara and Lakeland (the usual) and made our way home to settle back down at our laptops.


I told you I was feeling very sleepy, just look at those bags under my eyes. I try to wear very little make up at the weekends and clearly it doesn’t work well for me but at least it gives my skin a break and a chance to breathe.

The only time I have sugar in my coffee is when it comes in the form of cubes and lumps. I’m not sure why, but I think it could be from childhood memories of when I was in Iran and they always used sugar lumps which I hadn’t seen before.