House & Home: Searching for a desk – Ikea

It’s the middle of the week again! I hope you’ve all had a productive few days, whatever you’ve been doing!

Today I want to talk about desks. Now, I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be moving because I don’t want to rush into getting a new place. I’m keeping my eyes open to the market, continuing with viewings and exploring the various areas of Norwich. So, although I wanted to get all my new furniture when I moved, I’ve decided that I might need to get a few bits and bobs now. So, I’m thinking cheep and cheerful in terms of a desk and what better place to start looking than good old Ikea.

Desks Ikea


I’ve picked 3 practical desks which would fit in well in my current study but will also have the ability to adapt when I move. The first desk is combined with a load of shelving which is always handy. I have a lot of books, photography equipment and notebooks which need storing away neatly but are easy to access. The second desk also looks practical as it has a pull-out panel for extra space. This would be handy when taking photos of products, using note books or for tea and snacks. Finally, the third table I like in the ikea collection is the beautifully plain two toned desk. You can pick from a variety of colours for the table top and the legs.

I think I’ll see what else is on offer but I’ll be sure to let you know what I decide on.

Once I’ve moved I think I’ll probably try and hunt down a bureau but it all depends on the style I decide to go for in my study.

What do you think of the 3 desks I picked?